Supported features

Algorand IFTTT integrations by support at the moment:


  • Algo received

    Triggers for each incoming PAY transaction (Algo transfer)

  • ASA received

    Triggers for each incoming AXFER transaction with asset configured as fractional or has large total number

  • NFT received

    Triggers for each incoming AXFER transaction with asset that looks like an NFT

Common filters

  • Your NFD : Algorand address to monitor (as pointed by NFD)
  • Minimal amount : ignore transactions with amount less than this (decimal) number
  • Sender filter : not supported at the moment
  • Asset filter : a comma separated list of Asset IDs to monitor (optional)

What accounts can I monitor?

You can monitor only accounts that

  • are deposit (or owner) addresses of a NFD
  • have daily TX count below 100 transactions

Why Algorand blockchain?

Algorand blockchain is one of a few public ledgers that is both fast and robust enough to support such integrations. It also has carbon negative (and cheap) transactions.

Is the service free?

The service if free of charge but has limits as outlined in this document.

Go buy yourself a nice NFD

My applet is not working!

  1. Give it a minute after applet creation for the filter to start working.
  2. Check if Algorand blockchain is working … just kidding - it has 100% uptime.
  3. If all else fails disconnect your applet and connect again.


This service will be retired in Q2'23. Users will be asked to migrate to a new one, once the user management portal is ready and ARC-0014 OAuth workflow is implemented.